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The city Trieste is the capital of the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is also known as the Old Austrian Pearl of the Adriatic Sea: Trieste - the capital of the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia .

With only 212 km2 the province of Trieste is the smallest, but by no means the most boring province of Italy.


Trieste is composed of the 6 municipalities: Trieste, Duino-Aurisina, Monrupino, Muggia, S.Dorligo della Valle and Sgonico. Currently there are four border crossings to Slovenia.

Faro della vittoria in Trieste
Faro della vittoria

Of Miramare coming you can go up the Viale Miramare directly into the city. Left hand, hard to miss, rises the Faro della Vittoria, the lighthouse, from where one can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over the city and the sea.


The 67.85-meter-high tower - none other than the second tallest lighthouse in the world - lights 35 miles away. It dates from 1927 and commemorates the fallen soldiers on the sea during the First World War.


Since 1986, the lighthouse is open for visitors: from 1 April-30. Septemer daily from 9-11 and 16-18 Clock except Wednesday. Out of season, the lighthouse is accessible only on holidays.

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Attractions in Trieste

Maria Theresia Taler
A currency of which the Triestinians still remember of in highest standards.

After the fairly long drive along the old port area, you will pass directly to the train station (Piazza Libertà), from here to the Borgo Teresiano, which has been build by the Empress Maria Theresa in the mid 18th Century.

The heart of the Borgo Theresiano the Grand Canal is (hardly to be confused with the Grand Canal in Venice). In these days there were turning bridges so that the sailing ships could pass through the channel. But the channels were filled in, so that the classical church in San Antonio Nuovo unfortunately no longer reflects in the waters. Pity.


But never mind, there is much more to explore in Tieste.

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