Historical Regatta


Historical Regatta

Historical regatta
Regata storica, Archduke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1685, magnificently illustrated.

Every first Sunday in September

Venezia (VE) Historical Center


This traditional race you should not miss. A large, colorful procession of historical types of ships of the 15th Century awaits you. The first boat that leads this procession is the Bucintoro - the ship of state of the Serenissima - from which the Doge once threw a valuable ring into the sea, as a sign of the marriage of Venice with the sea.

An event in 1489 that is historically proven, when the Republic solemnly received Caterina Cornaro who had renounced the throne as Queen of Cyprus in favor of their hometown Venice.


Although this event takes place annually: The Regata is and remains an unique event in an unique city.

The Regatta 2011 will be held on 4th of September. The program provides:


• 16.00: Historical pageant

• 17.00: Race of youth (with Pupparini, 2 rowers)

• 17.20: Race of Women (Mascareta, 2 rowers)

• 17:50: Race of Caorline (6 rowers)

• 18.20: Race of gondolas (2 rowers)


The Circuit start at the Giardini di Castello, then through the Bacino San Marco, Grand Canal, Rialto (is turned on height of the Banca d'Italia). Finish is in the Ca' Foscari.

How to get a good seat

Who wants to experience this spectacular event from the front row should get up early. Or have a good friend who happens to own a palazzo on the Grand Canal (and who maybe owes you a favor).

Or the elegant way: Early (ie, measured in weeks in advance) make a reservation of a table at a restaurant on the Grand Canal, or rent a hotel room with view on the Canal Grande.

Riviera Fiorita

Riviera Fiorita sul Brenta - das Gegenfest zur Regata Storica in Venedig

in September: The thriving Riviera (Riviera fiorita) is the answer of the Brenta communities to the Historical Regatta of Venice. Every year - really worth seeing Read more

Riviera Fiorita - the counter-event.

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