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No documents exist about the origins of Venice. Of course this has not prevented the imaginative Venetians to devise a date of birth.

Well told

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Saint Mark

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So they invented the rise to be on the 25th of March 421, the month of creation (by the way: in all official documents the year starts with the month of March), just as the relic of St. Mark came to Venice.

The relic came there not accidentally, as you might imagine. The Venetians had it secretly stolen in a spectacular coup from Alexandria. What does one not do for a good story?

And if it's not a lie, it is well invented.

Venice has always had a special relationship to its legends: "

Of course, only those stories will become a legend, that people want to listen to. The truth is what is taken for truth.



Venice emerges from the water and is - a miracle in the miracle of creation - christian already in the beginnings. In the case of Venice, it is impossible to cleanly distinguish between fact and fable.

Although today no one would seriously argue that Venice was the chosen city of God. But in the the Venetians found this is not entirely too far-fetched. Venice saw itself as the city of God, and as St. Augustine prophesied, a heavenly Jerusalem.


Venice was not built, but popped up already finished right out of the waters. As a unique city of Venice deserves an equally unusual origin. In this self-consciousness, never having been servant of foreign powers, so boldly they acted. And when the times became harder and things were going bumpy they did not hesitate to invent another patron saint right out of the box.

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