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The villas of the Brenta are a real treat - worth a visit almost each of them.

Drinving through the Veneto along the river Brenta suddenly hughe magnificent Renaissance palaces appear that knock you right off your socks. Approximately 4,000 villas are located in the Veneto region in total.

Villa Pisani
Villa Pisani
Brenta Villa
Another villa nearby, simply beautiful.

The villas along the Brenta, the connecting channel between Venice and Padova are famous. And rightly so. The aristocratic villas, which were built from 1500 to 1700, are impressive monuments of venetian power during this period. They were not just status symbols, but was used preferentially for the summer to have good times together with friends (or, of course, to impress business partners befittingly, same as today).

The garden in the garden

Maze Villa Pisani
Left, left, right, left. Or was it right?
Maze Villa Pisani inside

In the garden of the Villa Pisani, there is a maze (great fun for kids of all ages) that will lift the spirits:

The goal is a tower in the middle of the Labyrint (we have already managed as you see), from where you can overlook the scenery and try to remember the way out.

That alone is worth the admission next to a great garden and the impressive palazzo.Read more about the Villa Pisani.

Riviera Fiorita

Die Villa Contarini an der Brenta - noch so ein bescheidener Palazzo

Here rises the couter-festival to the Regata Storica in Venice in September: The Riviera Fiorita. It's up to you to decide which party you want to join.

The festivities extend along the Brenta Canal, which is along the local roads of Fiesso, Dolo, Mira and Malcontenta. In 2012 it was held on 9th of September 2012 from 9.00 bis 17.00.


Right in front of the Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra (where the Villa Pisani is) the rowers gather at 9.30 with their ships in costumes of the period. Around 13:00 they arrive in Mira, where the traditional lunch is taken in front of the Villa Contarini dei Leoni.

Historical origin of this festival was the visit of Enrico III., The King of France, who was invited by the Doge of Venice in the Villa Contarini in 1574.



Riviera Fiorita Video

The history of these villas is lined with familiar names of their architects (Palladio, Scamozzi, Longhena ...) and artists who contributed to its internal configuration.


The villas are mostly oriented toward the river, so that you can watch them best on top of a convertible ship that cruises on the river Brenta for this purpose. Then one can not miss the famous villas such as Villa Sagredo, the Parco di Villa Belvedere or the Villa Foscari, - for whatever reason - is called the dissatisfied (La Malcontenta)

In all cases worth a visit is the Villa Pisani and, even if they are not located on the Brenta, but in Friuli, the Villa Manin.

Ship line between Padua Fusina and vice versa

• 24th March to 28th October 2012

• Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Monday because of the locks


• Single ticket: € 20 v. - to € 89 - / p. Person depending on the tour

• Start: between 8:00 and 14:00, depending on the tour


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