Villa Bergamasco


Villa Bergamasco in Portogruaro
Villa Bergamasco (Villa Comunale) in Portogruaro

The date of construction of the villa is not known. But deriving from the fact that it was build under Guglielmo de Grigis, il Bergamasco (1480? -1550), the villa can be attributed to the middle of the 16th century have been built.

Guglielmo was not only active in Portogruaro, but also in Venice, Padova and Treviso. This beautiful Renaissance palace was comissioned by Antonio Frattina.


The façade of the area measures 35.50 meters, its depth is 25 meters and its height is of 14.50 meters. Like so many other houses in Portogruaro the villa was surely decorated with frescoes telling of sagas, such as satyrs, horses and monsters. Unfortunately they disappeared all in 1893.


In the entrance hall of the villa three busts are placed. One of Vittorio Emanuele II which had been chiseled by the Florentine sculptor Fantacchini in 1878, another of Giuseppe Mazzini, which was created in 1947 by Valentino Turchetto and one of the poet Fausto Bono (1832-1890), a work by a native of Udine Leonardo Liso from 1892.


The arcade of the guest house you will see two marble medallions of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Cavour of 1882.


Strollworthy is also the beautiful and spacious park of the villa, which is always open during the day.

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