Villa Pisani

Brenta Villa in Stra

On of the most beautiful villas at the Brenta, the Villa Pisani in Stra is best reached by car (ample parking is available). Even from the outside you will be almost overwhelmed by the magnificent building. But in a good way, because the building has "positive vibrations" (compared to others that can be found in the area, too).

Villa Pisani seen from the garden
Villa Pisani seen from the garden
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The main entrance leads into the impressive park of the Villa. But see for yourself:

Porticus of Villa Pisani.

Poet with - please forgive our bottomless botanical ignorance, for simplicity's sake we call them pompom flowers - in the really impressive garden.

Those who love flowers will experience pure happiness in the gardens of the Villa Pisani.

Where you love to get it wrong

Maze Villa Pisani

The maze in the park is great fun! From the tower in the middle you can overlook the scenery cheering down on the others gleefully going astray (as long as you forget that you have to find your way back out, too). Here is a link for those who like to cheat go on the safe side: Overview.

Standing on the lookout and lead the unwary astray…

Statuetten auf dem Eiskeller

In the farthest corner of the garden, shaded by hughe trees, there are all sorts of bizarre characters (and that's the most harmless). They guard the ice cellar of Villa Pisani. The rulers, after all even in summertime, didn't want to miss a chilling glass of Prosecco.

Ohnezweckbau im Garten der Villa Pisani

A building with no particular purpose, except perhaps to please the eye and to provide shade. Nice!

Statue in der Orangerie der Villa Pisani

Statue in the open air Orangery of the Villa Pisani, very nice to look (the huge clay pots with the orange trees). Beautiful scenery not only for photographers.

• 1st October - 31th March: 9.00 - 16.00

• 1st April to 30th Semptember: 9:00 to 19:00



• to Villa and park: 5, - €

• only park: 2, - €



• Via Doge Pisani n ° 1

• Stra (VE)

• Tel +39 049 502074

• Fax +39 049 9801283

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