Well of Pilacorte


Well of Pilacorte
Well of Pilacorte

Left hand from Portogruaro city hall stands, on an octagonal base, one of the landmarks of Portogruaro: The crane well. It was designed in 1494 by Giovanni Antonio Pilacorte.


On the outer walls of the octagonal fountain basin next to the coat of arms are the arms of Paolo Contarini and Jacopo Gabriel, who were mayors of Portogruaro most likely at the end of the 15th century. The two cranes are the work of Valentino Turchetto. (Crane called on Italian Grù, hence the name Portogruaro means "Crane harbor").


Originally the well was located not far from its current location. It is fed by an underground cistern.


In the 18th Century the well mysteriously and inexplicably got into private hands. In 1908 it was solemnly returned to the Comune of Portogruaro.

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