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First off: With a wheelchair you can save quite something in Venice. For example a ride with the vaporetti costs 1 € including companion (suitable vessels can be recognized by a badge). And by vaporetto you can come pretty far in Venice.

Boarding the ship is easy because the entrances are equally leveled. Nevertheless, a strong companion is always helpful because the captains are usually rather in a hurry.

Venice wheelchair bridge service call +39 041 274 8223
If something is not working with the bridge elevator: Call +39 041 274 8223.

Now quite a considerable number of bridges is accessible for wheelchairs. Therefore they are not any more an insurmountable obstacle, because on the side of special lifts or ramps are installed.

At the times when the Biennale many bridges (especially where is usually a lot going on, between San Marco and Piazzale Roma) equipped with ramps (being attached in some cases more than 15% slope muscles or a companion).

Dare quietly Italians are helpful people. Just ask one must stop. ;)

The recommended year Time is clearly the summer because otherwise ramps can be rather slippery.

Conclusion: You enter through already, but preparation is important, as is a strong companion is helpful. You can find detailed information about Venice in a wheelchair .

A vaporetto ticket costs € 1.50 for wheelchair users. It is valid from the first validation for 75 minutes for all lines of the ACTV (public transport). A companion rides for free.

Should you be on your way to Venice, do not forget that the boats of the line LN and line 15 are landing at a dock of Venezia Pietà - that means that you have to surmount three bridges.


We recommend using the LN line to the dock of Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta. Leave the boat here and continue with Line 1 to San Marco Vallaresso. This is perfecly manageable within the 75 minute validity.


Here you can get off the boat and reach the Piazza San Marco without having to overcome a single bridge. If you have problems or need help, is the Venetian Club ILDM will be glad to help. The club offers more information in different languages. By telephone too, call (+39) 3939 075 476 (available 24 hours).

Wheelchair-ready zones in Venice

Rollstuhlbereite Zone Burano Torcello
Burano Torcello
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Castello
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Ca' d'Oro
Ca' d'Oro
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Frari
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Marciana
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Murano
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Rialto
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Rialto Markt
Rialto Markt
Rollstuhlbereite Zone S. Margherita
S. Margherita
Rollstuhlbereite Zone S. Marta
S. Marta
Rollstuhlbereite Zone Santo Stefano
Santo Stefano
Rollstuhlbereite Zone S. Giovanni e Paolo
S. Giovanni e Paolo

There are maps available, too - unfortunately only in italien language. Please check the section below for downloads.

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